LB asphalt batching plant is a stationary asphalt mixing plant mainly consiting of cold aggregate supply system, drum dryer, burning system, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, weighing system, mixing tower, dust collecting system, filler supply system, bitumen supply system, electronic control system, finished asphalt storage bin. The asphalt plant adopts modular design, easy installation and maintenance, fast removal and transportation. It is mainly used for the construction of highways, highways, municipal roads, airports and ports.

1. Modular design and integrity steel base, reasonable layout, demolition, transportation and installation faster and easier.
2. Superior drying drum plate design, and independent research and development of advanced combustion heating technology to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption.
3. Plus high hot aggregate bin design to increase the stock of hot aggregate storage, to increase producing capacity.
4. Automatic/manual control system with failure self-diagnosis program, simple and safe.
5. Core components adopt international famous brand products, such as Siemens electrical components, EBICO burners, Switzerland METTLER TOLEDO weighing sensor, etc., reduces the failure rate and prolong its service life.


Cold Aggregate Feeding System

All silos are equipped with belt feeders controlled with the frequency converting motor, which can realize single silo adjusting and entire silos proportioning adjusting, ensures measuring precision and low energy consumption. A vibrator on sand bin wall ensures feeding reliability. Tail and directive wheels are specially designed self-cleaning type. The rubber is covered on the surfaces of driving wheels to prevent wheel-spin.

- The belt feeder use frequency conversion speed control, speed adjust rang is wide, high working efficiency.

- Every hopper discharge gate have material shortage alarming device, if material shortage or material arching, it will alarm automatically.

- On the sand bin, there is vibrator, so it can guarantee normal working.

- There is isolation screen on top of cold bin, so can avoid large material input.

- The conveyor belt use circular belt without joint, steady running and long performance life.

- At the input port of feeding belt conveyor, there is one simple screen can avoid big material input which can enhance hot efficiency and make sure the drying drum, hot aggregate elevator and vibration screen work reliability.


   feeding system


Drying Drum

Drying system is the key part of the whole equipment, its drying ability affects the mixing capacity directly, the aggregate temperature can directly affect the finished product temperature, the drying efficiency influence the fuel consumption greatly. Therefore the design of structure rationality is very important.

Drying system includes drying cylinder, main burner and fuel feeding sytem. There are four gear reducers connected to four friction wheels by cross head univesal shaft to drive the drier, with the advantages of installation deviation compensation, high driving efficiency, stable dricing and so on. The external insulating  layer and the specially designed blades ensure that maximum heat is transfered to the aggregate. The thermal efficiency is high and the exhaust temperature at the end of the cylinder is below 120 degree. The world advanced burner is adopted. The usable fuel includes diesel, heavy oil, residual oil, gas, coal and so on. Another alternative burner developed by ourselves has the same performance with 8:1 adjusting rate, economical efficiency and adaptability with the former. All components of the advanced infared temperature measuring and controlling syystem are imported from famous overseascompanies to ensure the temperature control accuracy and reliability.




Dust Collecting System

German techniques are adopted to combine the two-level dust collectors in order to save the floor space specially designed first-stage inertial dust separator has the simpler structure and the higher efficiency. The bag dust collector is designed  with the flat bags. The structure is compact an dthe dust can be easily cleaned out. The filter bags are made of the fire-resistant material, which can satisfy the requirement of environmental protection standard.

The high-low temperature alarm device and the automatic flame out device for too high temperature are designed in the control system. The unique designed blowback system and other special  design ensure the dust removal system to work reliable.


dust collector


 Bitumen supply system

Bitumen tank is sturdy and durable. Different sizes and capacity of bitumen tank can be provided according to the customers requirements. The bitumen tank is covered by rock wool insulation layer and galvanized sheet, which maximally decrease the heat loss.

Bitumen tank is heated by the heat conduction oil, which make sure the temperature of the bitumen.

Bitumen supply system



Bitumen Pump

Three-Screw Pump is a positive displacement pump,and has the remarkable advantages such as simple structure,small volume,being allowed to rotate at high speed,stability and high efficiency,etc.

By using the principle of screw meshing and relying on the mutual meshing of rotating screws in pump block,the three-screw pump sucks the medium conveyed and seals it in the meshing cavity,then pushes it to the discharge port along the axial direction of screws at uniform speed,and forms stable pressure at the discharge port.

Three-Screw pump is only applicable to conveying lubricating fluids not containing solid particles at normal temperature.It may be used as a common delivery pump,and a pressure supply pump in hydraulic drive device.

The 3QGB series heat-preservation high-viscosity three-screw pumps developed by the company after many years of research optimize the cooperation between screw and pump block,and between driving screw and driven screw based on three-screw pump,in order to realize the delivery og high-temperature and high-viscosity media.

The 3QGB series heat-preservation high-viscosity three-screw pumps are mainly used to convey high-viscosity lubricating fluids.They are usually used as the delivery pumps of asphalt,heavy fuel oil,heavy gear oil and heavy diesel fuel.Inside the pumps,heat preservation chamber and channel are set us,gas or liquid could be used as heat carrier,and their maximum working temperature is equal to or lower than 350°C.High viscosity reduction,and the conveying viscosity is generally 3.0~760mm2.


bitumen pump


Model LB1000 LB1500 LB2000 LB3000
Main Parameters Capacity(t/h) 80 120 160 240
Total Power(kw) 242 326 413 590
Noise(dB) ≤70
Voltage 220V/380V-50HZ(Adjustable)
Cold Feeder Cold Bin() 4*7 4*8 5*8 5*10
Belt Feeding Capacity(t/h) 90 130 175 260
Belt Width(mm) 500 600 650 800
Feeding Belt Adjustment Mode Frequency Invertor
Drying System Drying Capacity(t/h) 90 130 175 260
Dryer Drum Size(mm) Φ1600*6800 Φ1800*8000 Φ1800*8000 Φ2750*9000
Drive Motor Power(kw) 4*7.5 4*11 4*15 4*22
Fuel Diesel, Heavy Oil, Fuel Oil, Coal, Nature Gas
Coal Burner Max Burning Amount(kg/h) 1300 1700 2500 3600
Oil Burner Max Burning Amount(kg/h) 110-550 170-850 200-1000 300-1400
Dust Collecting System Primary Gravity Dust Collector Cyclone Dust Collector, Volute Casing Collector
Baghouse Dust Collector Filter Area() 380 450 550 896
Filter Bag NOMEX (USA. DuPont)
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³
Air Black Ringelmann
Blower(m³/min) 570 740 1130 1600
Mixing Tower Hot Aggregate Elevator Type Chain Elevating
Capacity(t/h) 110 130 175 260
Vibrating Screen Screening Decks 4 4 4 5
Screening Area( ) 14.7 24.2 24.2 24.2
Hot Storage Bin Quantity 4+1 4+1 4+1 5+1
Capacity( ) 24 28.5 32.5 40
Mixer Mixer Capacity(kg) 1000 1500 2000 3000
Type Double Axis Forcing Stirring Batch Mixer
Mixing Period(s) 45
Mixing Power(kw) 2*18.5 2*22 2*37 2*45
Weighing System Hot Aggregate: ±0.5%; Bitumen: ±0.25%; Filler:± 0.2%
Bitumen Supply System Heating Type Electric Heating/Hot Oil Heating System
Bitumen Pump Screw Pump Injection Type
Discharge Amount of Bitumen(L/min) 300 500 700 900
Bitumen Tank( ) 40 2*40 2*40 3*40
Fuel Tank Optional
Filler Supply System Filler Tank Optional
Screw conveyor Capacity(t/h) 15 20 24 36
Hot Mix Storage Silo Bottom Placed/Side Placed 40t/60t/80t, Optional
Pneumatic System Air Compressor Screw Air Compressor
Air Storage Tank 600L---2000L Optional
Control System Fully Automatic Computer Control(IPC+PLC+Monitor+Laser Printer+Air Conditioner)


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