E Series Excavator

Warranty : 12months
Port : Qingdao port
Place of Origin : Zhengzhou


Excavator is painstakingly developed for a variety of harsh conditions of the upgrade products on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology by our company. The series of products to take high-end configuration,global procurement,well-made,with excellent maneuverability,and equipped with enhanced work device, optimized matching power hydraulic system, fully guarantee the high reliability and high rate of return of the products.

1.Imported engine, strong power, low energy consumption, flexible, fast action, high operating efficiency.  

2.Equipped with world famous brand hydraulic components, action control more sensitive, more stable system performance, high reliability.

3.The shaft and the sleeve are made of steel sleeve manganese series phosphating, which has good abrasion resistance and long service life.  

4.The whole machine is exquisite and smooth,and it is more heavy and reliable compared with other brands of similar models.

5.Color monitor and tentacles handle and control switch, clear, controllable, easy to operate.

6.Seat with the overall design, greatly improve the maintenance convenience of spare parts in the cabin.


Model E635F E6135F E6360F E7150F
The overall operation quality 3600kg 12500kg 37700kg 13100kg
Hopper capacity 0.11m³ 0.48m³ 1.9m³ 0.6m³
Maximum digging force 32 kN 85 kN 236 kN 97.7 kN
Rotation speed 9.5 r/min 10.3 r/min 0-10 r/min 0-12.2 r/min
Walking speed (low/high) 2.8/4.8 km/h 3.0/5.1 km/h 3.3/4.5 km/h 3.6/37.5 km/h
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) 5165 × 1620 × 2450mm 7340×2490×2770mm 11020×3340×2700mm 7479×2496×3058mm
Maximum digging radius 5300mm 7790mm 10610mm 7770mm
Maximum digging depth 3085mm 5060mm 6850mm 4700mm
Maximum unloading height 3420mm 5625mm 7090mm 5943mm
Engine power 26.3 kW 73 kW 205 kW 110 kW


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