The automatic chip spreader is a new type of patented road maintenance machinery researched by our company independently. It features easy operation, even spreading capacity and adjustable spreading width and other characteristics. It combines electrical system, pneumatic system and mechanical system in a complex. Used together with our automatic asphalt distributor, it is ideal equipment especially for chip sealing. 


chip spreader1 chip spreaderchip spreader21


Electrical system

1. 16 feed gates can be controlled separately to flexibly adjust spreading width.

2. Hopper is able to be remotely controlled in cabin or operating platform.

3. Perfect lighting system for working at night.

4. Hopper lifting limit alarm is installed to enhance safe working.

5. Quick couplings are applied to connect the electrical system of truck and spreader, which is easy to install and disassemble.


Mechanical system

1. Feed gates are controlled by one general switch and 16 sub-switches for group control or separate control.

2. Fine tuning device can adjust single feed gate to effectively adjust spreading evenness and thoroughly solve the problem of uneven spreading locally by traditional chip spreader.

3. Exclusive roller anti-slipping device can effectively prevent the aggregates from skidding on the roller.

4. Inclination angle of distributor plate and spreading plate is adjustable for aggregates of 3-30mm.

5. This machine is very easy to install and disassemble.

Air control system

1. The air control system is installed with filter to remove water vapor and foreign matter to ensure reliability of the system.

2. Superior elements ensure that the air circuit work stably and reliably.


3 2




Max. Spreading width 3100mm
Feed gate quantity 16
Aggregate size 3-30mm
Spreading amount 0.5-50m3/km2
Width 2500mm
Lower suspension 570mm
Rear suspension 1500mm
Weight 1300kg
Dimension 1900×2500×2100 (L×W×H)


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